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Markdown 很精简,以至于用户有时候需要使用原生 HTML 标签实现某些内容,例如视频的 <iframes>

Hugo 创建 简码 来克服 Markdown 过于精简的问题。

Hugo 在内容页面遇到简码(shortcodes)时会使用预设的模板去渲染。需要注意的是,模板文件使用简码是没有效果的。


Hugo 模版基础

Hugo uses the excellent go html/template library for its template engine. It is an extremely lightweight engine that provides a very small amount of logic. In our experience that it is just the right amount of logic to be able to create a good static website. If you have used other template systems from different languages or frameworks you will find a lot of similarities in go templates.

This document is a brief primer on using go templates. The go docs provide more details.